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By Neil Davis

As a Detroit car crash lawyer, I know how important it is to have the best safety seats for children within a vehicle, in the event of a motor vehicle accident.  Last week, well-known car seat company RECARO issued a recall on one of their seats, saying when the seat is installed with the LATCH system, but is not fully installed with a tether strap in a vehicle, the seat may allow a child’s head to move too much in a crash.

Detroit Car Crash Lawyer Discusses Reason For Recall

According to the recall letter sent to owners of the car seat, the RECARO ProSPORT child restraints made between June 16, 2010 and January 31, 2013 failed to conform to federal safety standards because when the top tether is not used in conjunction with the LATCH system, there was a chance of increased injuries to the child in the seat.

Specifically, in a crash the seat could fail to protect a child from coming in contact with interior fixtures and surfaces within the vehicle or may jerk a child’s head around too much. No injuries have been reported specifically in connection with these seats, but the problem was discovered during safety testing.

The company offered a repair kit and new instruction manual. Furthermore, the company said consumers need to discontinue using the LATCH system when a child reaches 40 pounds. Stricter federal standards implemented in 2013 state that LATCH connectors may only be used along with a tether strap until a child and seat reach a combined 65 pounds. After that, a car seat must be installed with a seat belt.

More than 39,000 seats are involved in the recall. Owners of the seats can contact Recaro at 888-973-2276 for repair kits.

If your loved one has suffered serious personal injury in a motor vehicle accident, you may want to discuss your case with an experienced Detroit car crash lawyer.

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