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By Neil Davis

Despite the fact that motorcycle fatalities nationwide fell by about seven percent last year, motorcycle fatalities for those without helmets rose nine percent in Michigan. In part, the rise is blamed on the repeal of the requirement motorcyclists wear helmets while riding in the state. An experienced Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer is able to fight for those injured in any type of motorcycle-related crashes.

Detroit Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Looks At Rise In Fatalities

A report issued this month by the Governors Highway Safety Association stated deaths among Michigan riders decreased by one or less than one percent in the past year compared to the national decrease of nine percent. In part, bad weather contributed to the decrease nationally.

In 2012, Michigan repealed its universal helmet laws, requiring only riders younger than 21 to ride with a helmet.  Motorcycle operators who are at least 21 and who carry at least $20,000 in first-party medical benefits are not required to wear a helmet. Michigan is now one of the 31 states that now are without a universal helmet law. Critics point out that the increase in deaths was found in those who were not wearing helmets at the time of their accident.

The group said 2013 is only the second year in the past 15 years that motorcycle deaths declined over the past year.

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