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By Neil Davis

According to the government, distracted driving caused thousands of injuries and thousands of fatalities over the past several years. Accidents that involve a large truck are especially dangerous and can be much more catastrophic.  Anyone injured in such an accident may want to discuss their situation with a Detroit truck accidents attorney who can fight on his or her behalf.

A Detroit truck accidents attorney represents a person who has been injured or killed in any type of truck accident, including ones where a driving may have become distracted.

When someone mentions distracted driving, most often people think of texting and driving or talking on the cell phone. While those may be some of the most dangerous distracted driving problems, there are many ways a driver can become distracted behind the wheel.

Distracted driving refers to any type of activity diverting a driver’s attention away from the driving. Some distractions seem to be more consuming than others, but all have the potential to endanger the safety of the driver as well as the passengers, other drivers and bystanders.

Examples of distracted driving include: eating and drinking, talking with other passengers, applying makeup or otherwise grooming oneself, using a GPS and adjusting the radio or CD player.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found research shows that engaging in visual-manual subtasks, such as grabbing a phone, entering an address on the GPS or texting while driving, increase the driver’s risk of getting into a crash by three times. Furthermore, sending or receiving a text takes a driver’s eyes from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, which is like driving the length of a football field when traveling 55 miles per hour.

Distracted driving can be tragic in any situation, but can be especially devastating when the driver is behind the wheel of a truck. If you have suffered injuries or your loved one was killed in a distracted driving accident, it is crucial to call a Detroit truck accidents attorney who can fight for fair compensation.

For a free consultation with a truck accident attorney, contact Davis Law Center right away.

About the Author
Neil Davis, owner of Davis Law Center, is a seasoned attorney specializing in personal injury cases. With over 30 years of experience, he has successfully secured millions in compensation for injured individuals. Neil is a dedicated advocate for justice and an active member of legal associations. Personal injury law is complex and best handled by a competent attorney who can effectively evaluate, prepare, present, and fight to win your case. Neil prides himself on doing all these things for his clients and would be honored to have the opportunity to discuss your case with you.