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By Neil Davis

It is important for parents to be aware that while playgrounds are a fun way for their child to play, they also present a risk for injury. As a Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer, I see all types of injuries. Many times playground injuries occur on the grounds of a school, a day care center or a public playground.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 45 percent of playground-related injuries are severe and include fractures, internal injuries concussions, dislocations or amputations. Approximately 75 percent of nonfatal injuries occur on public playgrounds.  A study conducted in New York found playgrounds in low-income areas often had more maintenance-related hazards than playgrounds in high-income areas and the National Program for Playground Safety reported falls to the surface contributed to nearly 79 percent of all injuries.

Farmington Hills Personal Injury Lawyer Shares Ways To Help Increase Playground Safety

  • Taking action may help increase a child’s safety while allowing them to still explore and build muscles through playing on properly-maintained equipment.
  • Children should be actively supervised as they play and should play on age-appropriate equipment.
  • Proper surfacing should be provided to cushion a fall, should a child fall.
  • Those responsible for the equipment should check and maintain it on a regular basis to make sure it is still safe to use.

If your child was seriously injured in any type of playground-related accident, you may want to discuss the situation with a Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer. We can investigate if the equipment had been properly cared for and maintained and if the supervising adult was, in fact, doing his or her job at the time of the incident. Call for a free, initial consultation.

About the Author
Neil Davis, owner of Davis Law Center, is a seasoned attorney specializing in personal injury cases. With over 30 years of experience, he has successfully secured millions in compensation for injured individuals. Neil is a dedicated advocate for justice and an active member of legal associations. Personal injury law is complex and best handled by a competent attorney who can effectively evaluate, prepare, present, and fight to win your case. Neil prides himself on doing all these things for his clients and would be honored to have the opportunity to discuss your case with you.