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By Neil Davis

As a Michigan personal injury lawyer, I know that the vehicle you are traveling in can have a big impact on the possible injuries sustained in a crash. A study released last month by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that many of the first vehicles teens are driving lack important safety features as well as updated safety technology, which can work together to make the roads safer.

Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews IIHS Findings & Recommendations

The IIHS conducted a phone survey, polling 500 parents. Eighty-three percent of parents said that they bought used vehicles for their children to drive and more than half of those vehicles were 2006 or older models. Additionally, teens driving a vehicle the family already owned were likely driving an older model as well.

The survey also uncovered that many teens were driving minicars or small vehicles, which can offer less protection in case of a crash.

In response to what they found, the IIHS has released recommendations to consider when buying a vehicle for a teen along with model recommendations on the best type of vehicle suited for the new drivers.

The IIHS reminds parents young drivers and high horsepower don’t mix and it is best to get a vehicle where a teen is not tempted to test the limits, but instead is able to refine their driving skills.

The Institute recommends that a vehicle should have the best safety rating possible and that features like electronic stability control are non negotiable.

Finally, it recommends larger and heavier vehicles, which often offer more protection in case of a crash. Some of the recommended models are light SUVs, who often weigh the same as medium-sized vehicles.

Vehicles rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were included only if they earned four or five stars in both front and side tests, or four or five stars under the stricter guidelines implemented in 2011.

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