Case Results
$1.52 Mil.

Maritime Negligence / Jones Act

Plaintiff was a professional diver involved in making underwater repairs at the Soo Locks which required he use a special wet suit that allows warm water to be pumped into it to keep the diver warm.  The Defendant used a defective machine that ultimately overheated and pumped scalding water into Plaintiff’s wet suit, causing 2nd…

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Auto Negligence / Wrongful Death – Wayne County

Man struck and killed on shoulder of I-94 in Detroit while waiting for a tow truck.


Auto Negligence – Wayne County

Woman involved in accident was struck by another vehicle while exchanging information on side of Lodge Freeway.   She suffered neck and back injuries requiring surgery.  At–fault driver only had $1,000,000 coverage which was split with another person injured in the accident.


Slip and Fall – Wayne County

Delivery Driver stepped into snow covered manhole opening at a Family Dollar store, severely injuring his knee.


Auto Negligence – Wayne County

Woman was walking across a parking lot when she was struck down by a commercial vehicle that turned into the lot at a high rate of speed.  She sustained injuries to her neck, requiring surgery.


Auto Negligence / Underinsured Motorist – Wayne County

Woman was sideswiped by another vehicle causing injuries to her neck, back and shoulder.  Negligent driver paid policy limits of $100,000 and Plaintiff collected another $215,000 from her own underinsured motorist policy.


Slip and Fall – Oakland County

Woman fractured her hip after slipping and falling on black ice in parking deck of shopping mall.


Hotel Assault- Wayne County

Man suffered severe facial lacerations after hotel desk clerk gave a stranger access to his hotel room where he was assaulted with a box cutter.


Railroad Negligence / FELA

Man suffered non-surgical neck injuries after being rear-ended while operating his employer’s vehicle on I-275.  Plaintiff sued his employer under FELA for failing to provide safe equipment.  In this case, Plaintiff’s employer failed to notify him that it had installed a speed governor on the vehicle he was driving which prevented him from being able…

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Wrongful Death / Uninsured Motorist – Wayne County

Man let acquaintance drive him home from bar.  She crashed into building at high rate of speed causing his death.  She had no insurance and the car only had $100,000 uninsured motorist coverage.


Childcare Negligence – Wayne County

Child at day care center fell while carrying a ceramic lunch plate back to kitchen.  The plate shattered and lacerated his pinky finger

Every case is different and results depend on their specific circumstances. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.