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By Neil Davis

When a person is injured in an accident, it is very important to see a doctor right away and continue seeing that doctor until you have reached maximum medical improvement. This continuity makes it very easy for a personal injury lawyer to prove causation and show that the injuries were related to the accident in question. If a person waits too long or routinely skips doctor’s visits, the insurance company will use that as ammunition to deny your claim. These gaps in treatment can cause problems down the road, so be sure to see a doctor right away and continue seeing him or her.
The two biggest causes of gaps in treatment are not seeking out a doctor’s advice immediately after injury and not following up once the person begins to feel better. In the first case, a person may not think they need help because they feel OK immediately after the accident. But in the days or weeks that follow, they begin to feel progressively worse. Some people wait for months hoping the pain heals on its own. Time may not be enough – see a doctor immediately, even if you think your injuries are minor after a car accident.

In the second case, they may think their injuries are healing so they blow off doctor’s visits. Taking time out of your day is not convenient, but it is necessary to preserve your case. If, after a few months, things begin to hurt again, the insurance company may try to claim that because the injured stopped treating, this pain was caused by a subsequent injury. By following a doctor’s advice until you have been released from his or her care, you can be sure that your injuries are being properly treated and documented.

At Davis Law Center, we know the personal injury process can be frustrating and confusing. We will carefully answer all questions and do everything possible to see your case through to a successful resolution. For a free consultation to discuss your injuries, contact Davis Law Center right away.

About the Author
Neil Davis, owner of Davis Law Center, is a seasoned attorney specializing in personal injury cases. With over 30 years of experience, he has successfully secured millions in compensation for injured individuals. Neil is a dedicated advocate for justice and an active member of legal associations. Personal injury law is complex and best handled by a competent attorney who can effectively evaluate, prepare, present, and fight to win your case. Neil prides himself on doing all these things for his clients and would be honored to have the opportunity to discuss your case with you.