The difference between a truck and a car is about 80,000 pounds. Because of this size difference, these are some of the most devastating accidents a person can encounter. These accidents often involve life-changing injuries that can have a life-lasting impact on a person and their family. These accidents require the attention of an experienced Michigan truck accident attorney who knows how to get maximum compensation for a person and their loved ones.

Types of Injuries in Truck Crashes

While all car accidents have the chance for serious injuries, truck accidents are unique in their destruction. Some common injuries that people experience when injured in a truck crash can be:

Seeking Proper Compensation

These serious injuries require a knowledgeable and tenacious attorney who knows how to properly investigate the injuries and properly value the claim. Because there is only one chance to win an injury claim, a person must get fully compensated for any harm they have suffered now and into the future. An experienced Detroit, Michigan area truck accident lawyer will use leading experts in their fields including medical doctors and economists who will testify to any future medical treatment and lost wages. They can also testify to non-economic damages such as loss of enjoyment of life, pain, and suffering, and other important damages that are not easily quantified or measured.

Understanding Trucking Regulations

An experienced truck accident lawyer will also know the unique rules that govern interstate truck drivers. These rules are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and they work to ensure the safety of all drivers on the road. For instance, hours of service requirements are there to prevent a trucker from driving too many hours at once because it can cause sleep deprivation and impairment behind the wheel. These truckers are required to keep a log of all hours driven. Unfortunately, many truckers are pushed by their employers to deliver their loads as quickly as possible, even at the expense of the safety of other drivers. An experienced Michigan truck accident attorney understands these complex rules and knows how to read the logs in order to find any irregularities or violations in hours of service requirements.

Weight Regulations

Another important regulation is the weight of a given truck. Again, because larger loads mean more products can be delivered, some trucking companies push the rules and force their drivers to carry an unsafe load. Because a heavier vehicle requires a greater distance to stop, even carrying slightly more weight can be the difference between a serious injury and a close call.

Davis Law Center Holding Trucking Companies Accountable

If a trucking company is skirting the rules, they must be held responsible for your injuries. Flagrant rule violations can greatly increase a person’s chance of receiving compensation for the injury and for holding the trucking company responsible for the accident. Any rule violations are kept on a national database and the Michigan truck accident lawyer will be able to find any violations a trucking company may have on their record. If a company has been cited for many flagrant violations or if a trucker has a history of ignoring hours of service requirements, it can greatly bolster an injured person’s case.

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